Droidplanner v1 waypoint altitudes

I’m using ver 1 of droidplanner because of its support for planes and today I set up my first waypoint mission. What I didn’t realise was that the way point altitudes appear to be ‘absolute’ as it kept throttling off and descending, then when I got home I upload the mission from the APM into mission planner and checked the waypoint data I can see they are ‘absolute’.

So can anyone explain how to set up a mission with ‘relative’ altitudes? Maybe I’ve missed something as the videos I’ve seen of folk doing this, they just click to create the waypoints and off they go.



DroidPlanner v1 uses only absolute altitudes. And DPv2 uses relative altitudes.

DPv1 has been discontinued (DPv2 will soon surpass all the functionality available in the first version). But DPv2 just has support for copters at the moment.

It is confusing , the HUD show 0 altitude when connected to the plane. I read somewhere that this is an easy fix, Mr Arthur please can you do it ? I think lot of aeroplane user love the original DP because of the similarities with mission planner. For me, I like the HUD, all info in one beautiful screen. I also feel like it is more stable than DP 2. Until now I still can’t use it with my Samsung note 10.1. I buy Asus ponepad 7 which is in the compatible list for the sole purpose to run DP 2. I am disappointed that it will stop and display the unfortunate…message. I can lunch it again and reconnect to my Iris, but sure not fun to do.
May be can consider DP for plane and DP 2 for rotocraft ? If not possible, then an optional HUD screen like the one in DP make available for plane user? Thank you Arthur and team for this great work.

I used it again last night, and if I paid attention in the first place I would have noticed that the altitude on the HUD is ASL, so when setting waypoint altitudes I can just add desired relative altitude to the ASL.