Droidplanner don't load parameters list with Pixhawk

I would like to show you my setup for droidplanner, i am using orange LRS for telemetry.

and i would like to ask one question:

I am using speed 2 (19200baud for RF datarate) and 38400baud for pixhawk telemetry port.
it is slower than 3DR radios but it seems to work perfect except for parameters, it seems droidplanner have a timeout for parameter update and pixhawk have very large parameter list.

Is it possible to reduce parameter list in pixhawk?

Just an fyi loading the params with DP has been an issue in the past with my set ups [ and others too ] I think so don’t be so certain it’s just your set up. Which by the way looks really sweet!! NICE! I have had it many times where I click to load the params and it stops. Sometimes it takes many tries to make it all the way to %100. I have my radio’s at 57600 baud rate and it has the same issue. I forget what version I have and if it’s up to date though.