Droidplanner can't send mission to Pixhawk

Hi everyone,

Noob here with my first quad, ground station, etc. They are DJI F450, 3DR Pixhawk with latest firmware, 3DR telemetry radios, and a Galaxy Tab 4 running Droidplanner, also the latest release.

I can’t figure out why I can’t get Droidplanner to send a mission to the vehicle. On the tablet I can’t even get it so save a mission. I can save a mission on my phone (Galaxy S4), but neither can send a mission to the vehicle or read one back.

I have no trouble connecting the telemetry radio, getting valid attitude data and stats, and can fly in some of the assisted modes. I even calibrated the sensors via wireless.

When I try to send a mission I get no response from either Droidplanner or the vehicle and switching to Auto mode does nothing.

I have a suspicion that I’m just doing something stupid, but any thoughts or information would be appreciated.

Those are the steps I use to send missions and don’t have any issues. What version of Droid Planner are you using?

Have you tried sending a mission with Mission Planner?


Hi iseries,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m using Droidplanner 2.8.6_RC3, downloaded from the Play Store.

I didn’t notice the RC3 suffix until now. In my line of work this means “Release Candidate” 3, and implies that the revision is not fully tested. Does this means that this version is not stable?

Anyway, regarding Mission Planner - I spent some time today looking into your question and taking it a bit further. Yes. Mission Planner on my desktop (Vista) machine can send and read back waypoint data. QGroundControl, running on my desktop can also send and read back waypoints.

I have repeated the test with Droidplanner and Andropilot on both tablet and phone. The problem seems to be isolated to my two Android devices. Both Andropilot and Droidplanner apps have the same issue on both devices.

On both Android devices I can receive telemetry all day. I just can’t send a mission to the vehicle.

Since my first post I have been able to save waypoint files on both devices, but it isn’t guaranteed to work. I get program crashes about on about 50% of attempts with Droidplanner.

Both tablet and phone are running Android 4.4.4 and DP 2.8.6_RC3.

I’m not sure where to go from here.

Thanks again for any info!

Droid Planner is a work in progress and you should not worry about RC3.

I did hear of some issue with the new Android operating system. I’m running 4.1.1 and have no issues.

Also Droid Planner is the same at 2.8.6 RC3.


Thanks again, iseries.

Do you know of a way to down-rev Android devices without rooting?

I bought my tablet to use as a GCS. I guess I pay the stupid tax for not checking the compatibility list first.

Answered my own question. Looks painful to down-rev. I guess I just need to wait for Lollipop and see if that helps.