DroidPlanner 2 Landing point disappears

Running DP2 on a Nexus 7. When I turn my first point into a take off, it disappears. If I set it back to waypoint, the #1 point jumps thousands of miles away. Landing point sets ok. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve had the exact same problem with samsung s3 and tablet.

Hi guys,

have you solved the problem? Any idea?

Takeoff is a a mission item that doesn’t have a location, it will just takeoff your copter straight-up from where you start the auto mission. When you change to takeoff that item loses it’s coordinate, and stops showing on the map. If you set a takeoff to be another type of waypoint DP doesn’t know where to place it, and drops it at coordinate (0,0).


But then when planning a mission with DroidPlanner 2, what is the proper way to specify a Takeoff point? The training video shows the operator drawing a crude route which defines some waypoints and then he edits the first waypoint to be a Takeoff point. In the training video, the waypoint converted this way does not disappear (IIRC). But when I try this, as others observed, the waypoint disappears. Arthur seems to suggest that this is what Mission Planner expects – take the vehicle’s current position and go up. So when we plan the mission, the vehicle has no current position and so the waypoint itself is gone.

Are we supposed to manually take off, near by the location of waypoint 1 (the first way point) and then start the auto-mission? I was expecting to be able to arm the vehicle on the ground, then have the auto-mission begin with a takeoff. But I guess you can’t really line up the actual ground location with the lat/long of the supposed takeoff point.

Newbie reasoning I know, but I am trying to learn.