Droid Planner To Use Indoor Maps?

Hey guys, is there any way we could implement this app to navigate our drones indoors? Like say I could load a custom indoor map and it would followed the desired way points.


  1. The Google maps API that I use should already have indoor maps for some places. Although you probably don’t want to start flying inside an airport.

  2. You can already load your custom maps on DP using the offline-maps feature. Take a look here: github.com/arthurbenemann/droid … fline-Maps

  3. The main problem is having the drone location sensors work indoors. If your phone doesn’t work inside you drone will also have some problems.

Thanks Arthur! Btw what do you mean if the phone signal doesn’t work indoors? Are we referring to GPS or the network? What if I used Wifi? Or even a 3G/4G network?


The GPS/Location services. GPS systems will have a real hard time working indoor’s because of multipath problems (no clear view of the sky). So all the info that you would get from the map will be useless.

What would you recommend for indoor flying? Perhaps we could tune it to fly a course indoors irregardless of the networks. So in a way if I set it to fly two metres forward, two metres left and two metres back, it can still carry out this mission irregardless of the environment.

Indoors you will need to drop GPS, because the signal will not be reliable. What you describe also will not work since you will have a random location reported by GPS (the position will not only be wrong but movving).

You need another way to locate yourself indoors, like a vision system.

Using a vision system is quite challenging as you would need deep funds. I was looking at laser range finders and such. Too costly.

What about using accelerometers?

Does the follow me mode work indoors?

Accelerators good enough to do what you want will be very expensive.

Follow me doesn’t work indoors exactly because of the GPS problem, neither your drone nor your phone will now where they are in the globe.

Search google for SLAM, that is the best option at the time.

Yeah I realized a lot of people used SLAM. One must have deep pockets for that though :smiley:

However, the arduino board has accelerometers on it. Especially the 2560 version. Perhaps I will try to tap out the signals from those and work around it. Definitely would wanna share with the community as I’m pretty sure everyone would wanna try indoor flying autonomously.