Droid Planner ROI In Manual Loiter Mode?

I’m flying an Iris+ with Gopro/gimbal and use DroidPlanner 2

Is there a way to fly in more-or-less manual loiter mode while having the quad keep itself oriented towards an ROI point/level? (control the yaw angle and camera pitch, but allowing for manual flight positioning up and down and position, in loiter)

In photographing some homes in neighborhoods with lot’s of tall trees, it’s difficult to do an autonomous mission program that you can rely on and it’s difficult (for me) to have to worry about camera pitch and quad yaw as I’m trying to fly around the home, through trees at varying levels.

Right now, I’m particularly interested in still images, but having smooth[er] pans along with video would be nice later and my control skills aren’t there to keep focus in direction I need in an efficient manner.

BTW I am not using a POV monitor nor do I plan on doing so.


I’d be interested in this feature also. Please post back here if you figure it out. I will do the same. Meantime lets hope an expert sees this and posts an answer or a work around.

I’m going to try creating a mission with a single waypoint set as an ROI, then switch to auto and see if I can fly around. I think there is also a “Guided mode” that might be worth looking into (follow me is a form of guided mode).

For me, I’d like to be able to “lock on” to natural features (water falls, mountain peaks, cliff faces, interesting trees, etc) while I focus on flying. I do use an FPV monitor but only for framing shots, never for navigation. I’m not a good enough pilot to fly nice sweeping arcs up, over and around a target while also keeping it in frame and avoiding obstacles. I can kind of pull it off 30% of the time, but it’s never as good as an auto mission with an ROI. I use auto missions with ROI when I can, but when you’ve just hiked/snow shoed/skied to a location and you spot something you want to film, planning and tweaking an auto mission is a hassle (especially when it’s 10 degrees F).

Might want to ask about this on GitHub where the developers hang out.


I too am hoping for a simple solution.

What method can I use to fly a mission in AUTO with an ROI set, assume manual control in loiter mode, and still maintain the ROI of the mission.

My assumption is I lose the ROI of an AUTO mission as soon as I change to LOITER.

Anyone with suggestions?

No way I have ever heard of.

Hi all
I think ROI in loiter / pos hold would be a most useful feature.
The ROI could be the home /RTL point for simple use and use mission planer for remote ROI

You can post feature requests to the bugtracker on Github. That should be posted to the firmware bugtracker, not to the dp bugtracker, as it would mainly be a feature of the firmware.