Droid Planner 2, Iris+, HP 7 G2, HELP

Hi there. Im having some trouble connecting my HP 7 G2 tablet to my Iris+ via telemetry radio. The telemetry radio works perfectly when plugged into my laptop but wont work for me on the tablet. (MAVlink error) (and yes the cords are plugged in correctly). I can get it to connect with the MAVlinkHUB app but neither of Droid Planner 2 or Ardupilot seem to connect to my Iris+. Please help me. Thanks

Does the light on the radio hooked to the tablet light up?

Hi there, yes the light on the radio flashes green when I havnt pushed connect on DP2. When i do push connect it flashes red also. The light on the Iris+ is also flashing green. Attached is a short video showing this. Thanks


Install a USB OTG checking app off the google play store to check your usb port.

I have had a problem connecting on my tablet. What I find is start the tablet first. Then power up the quad and then try to connect.