Droid Planner 2.0 Waypoint 1 Vs Home

If waypoint 1 is several feet away from HOME and I set waypoint 1 as a take off waypoint, how is this handled? Are you supposed to power things up and try and get waypoint 1 as close to the Home symbol or what? Even the 3DR video doesn’t explain this. He draws a quick square, sets waypoint 1 as a takeoff point and waypoint 4 as a landing point but his HOME position isn’t waypoint 1.

A clearer explaination would be great.

Looks like we have a bug, as described by the ArduCopter wiki here:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/missio … t/#Takeoff
The takeoff command “will climb straight up from it’s current location to the altitude specified”, so the Takeoff waypoint coordinate is ignored.

Keep a watch on this issue:

Aurthur, See the attached screen grab from the recent 3DR training video. This is what Im asking about when using Droid Planner.

Notice how WP 1 is a takeoff waypoint but the home and tablet position is several meters south of WP1?

In this case would the copter auto take off and then fly to WP1 or how would this be handled.

It would takeoff to the altitude programed (by going straight up), and then engage on flying in the direction of the waypoint.