Drift when in loiter

Morning all,

I’m having some issue that when I engage loiter my copter moves quickly away, there is also some forward movement when all sticks are centered. Within MP I’ve calibrated the compass and I can see the HUD correctly shows the copter level and flat.

I’ve followed the wiki to find info within the logs but sadly I’m still at a loss.

Can someone please take a look at my log (.bin file) to let me know their thoughts for the movement when loiter is engaged?
File : dropbox.com/s/oqgxugxb9aaz5 … 0files.zip

Many thanks


Morning all,

can anyone help with this?

I’m happy to pay for a beer via payal for an answer :slight_smile:



I had the same problem.

Then discovered in the Initial Setup - Mandatory Hardware - Compass I had an incorrect setting.

I am using a pixhawk and in the Orientation check area, The manual box was ticked but the wrong selection.

For Pixhawk it should read ROTATION_NONE.

I changed this and she is loitering perfect.

Hope this helps!



Yep, your compass orientation is incorrect.

Set COMPASS_ORIENT to zero and re-do your compass calibration.