Drift mode braking?

My quad running in Drift flight mode stops too quickly and pitches back what appears to be close to 45 degrees.

Does the PosHold braking rate and angle modify the braking in Drift mode?

Quite old question but I was wondering the same thing, if it exists a parameter to smooth the braking when in drift flight mode.
Tried to change PHLD_BRAKE_* parameters but could no notice any effect.
Any idea ?

It is not possible to tune braking rate at the moment.
Here is a ticket I’ve also raised for that https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/7031

I thought the Loiter WPNAV values were used, but I’ve never looked into the code, probably just a bad assumption by me.
In the doco it says “Letting go of the sticks effectively turns on a speed brake in the Pitch axis that slows the copter to a stop over a two second period” which sounds hard-coded as @sergbokh said.