Drift+Alt Hold would be perfect (imho)

Today I tested the drift-mode (what’s in a name?) on my Quad. I like it very much; good work to the developers. The way drift mode does the job is like I tried to do it manually; keep te nose in front while turning.
One thing however, I like to fly on Alt Hold mode a lot. Especially when flying FPV becaue of the difficult to estimate height.
Is there a way or is it an idea, to integrate the Alt-Hold mechanismus into the Drift-mode?

I’d second this. While it’s not a big deal to control altitude with the left stick it’s just one more thing to have to keep track of while sliding around the sky like a maniac. Altitude hold in Drift would be great! You could then rename Drift to “Anti-Loiter”.

+1 and a loiter mode with coordinated turns would be great too :slight_smile:.

Yes, is possible and i think easy to implement.
However Drift was founded as an alternative to Stabilize, so don’t think that will be integrated altitude control.


+1 here, was thinking the same thing today.

Great idea - would make an excellent option.

Agreed guys. I actually proposed this to Jason. Just make a second mode called “DriftAH” (actually it even sounds kinda cool!)

We’ll see what happens.

Not managed to try drift mode yet, but my immediate thought was exactly the same - this with alt+hold would be superb…


+2 :slight_smile:

I fly a lot of FPV with both Quads and Fixed Wing. I think a Drift+AH mode would be awesome.


I’m pretty sure that Jason is working on an improved altitude controlled Drift mode hopefully for release in 3.2. :wink:

+1 Would be great

Would be great.

+1 :smiley: