DPS310 barometer on I2C

Hey @rmackay9
Is this barometer supported on I2C? I have seen some Matek boards using them on I2C. But I couldn’t get it work. It’s showing DevID and Bus type as 5 when bitmask is set to 8191(all selected). I have attached the picture of breakout board I’m using. I couldn’t fine DPS310 in GND_PROBE_EXT. I have left the GND_EXT_BUS to -1 to probe from all available bus.
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Release notes show that DPS310 is supported in copter 4.0.4 for Matek H743, 765-Wing and F405-Wing. see https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/blob/master/ArduCopter/ReleaseNotes.txt
So the code seems to exist. I don’t know if it is limited to the above 3 boards …

Your breakout board obviously uses 0x77 as I2C address. You may look at the adress used by these boards.

Got it working (copter 4.0.5,Pixhawk 1 clone):
I set GND_PROBE_EXT = 64 and GND_PRIMARY = 1 and GND_EXT_BUS = 1 (my Pixhawk clone has only one external I2C bus).
DPS310 is way better than MS5611. Almost drift-free and super accurate

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