DPS310 baro on I2C

The DPS310 is a way better baro than old MS5611 etc…

It works with AC 4.0.5 if i set GND_PROBE_EXT = 64, which is the code for DPS280, it doesn’t show up in “Setup” -> “HW ID”

So my question is: Is this baro officially supported by arducopter stable ?

Matek H743 has one and it’s supported.

Yes, that’s nice, but i want to use it with my existing hardware (Pixhawk 1 clone) as external baro.
Why is it not shown in the “HW ID” table ? I see 11 compasses there (i have only 2) but no baro (i have 2 baros).
Where ist the code for the DPS310 ? In the AP_baro folder exist 2 files for the DPS280 but none for DPS310

I was just answering your question about it being supported by Copter Stable. People are flying H743’s with Ardupilot.Other FC’s with that baro also but at least one is on the SPI bus. But perhaps it’s a problem as an external I2C Baro.

It’s no problem at all. It works well.
Is the DPS310 software compatible to DPS280 ?

That’s what I was thinking because it’s referenced in the H743 Hwdef file. But oddly it says it has a MS5611 on the internal I2C bus. Maybe that was the case with the prototype they developed the firmware for because Matek says it has a DPS310.

So I suppose it see’s it as a DPS280.

My DPS310 has I2C address 0x77 and works beside an internal baro, maybe on another I2C bus.
Why don’t these baros show up in HW ID table?

Not sure. Do you have the latest Beta Mission Planner?

i’m using the latest stable version of mission planner, no beta