Downward Facing Rangefinder as Proximity Sensor

Hello, does anyone have experience with/know if it is possible to use a downward facing rangefinder as a proximity sensor to avoid any drones below my drone. On the documentation I have read about how rangefinders can be set up as forward-facing and upward-facing proximity sensors, but I am wondering if it is possible to set them up facing downward as well. Thanks in advance!

Hi, downward facing rangefinders are supported , but only for altitude measurement.

You can try to set PRXn_TYPE = 4 to use it as proximity sensor, but I would expect ArduPilot to catch that it’s not horizontal. Also you would need a way to disable it as proximity sensor in low altitude, i.e. during landing.

I know you’ve read the docu but I’ll link it just for completion: RangeFinders Setup Overview

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