Downloading data flash files

When I get a list of Dataflash files it take for ever at baud rate of 11520. Also when I then select 2 files to download it take even longer. So I removed the data card and copied the files (.bin) to my hard drive. When I selected Review a log I got an error message saying the the fit file was not present. Can anyone recommend a fast why to download the DF logs
I tried on a pix 1 and 2 and got the same result. I am running 3.2.1

That should read FMT file

One way to speed the process up was to delete all of the old files from the SD card. This makes the whole process much faster
Can not auto analysis a file…help suggestions would be appreciated

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Hi Max,

The auto analysis hasn’t caught up with the latest changes to Rover. Apologies for that, i’ll add it to the list. Until then I’m very happy to help you figure out any tuning issues.

Steering tuning is generally the most difficult but the most important parameter to get right is the ATC_STR_RAT_FF and the way to figure out if it should be lower or higher is to look at the dataflash log’s STER messages’s DesTurnRate vs TurnRate. If the actual “TurnRate” is always under performing the “DesTurnRate” then FF should be higher. Here’s an example from another user (a boat actually) where the FF was too low.