Download the APM planner for a Mac version Mac 10.9.2

i am trying to install the AP2 version of the firmware on my Mac and have run into an unexpected problem. The instructions (Install the APM planner for Mac) indicate that I should open the dmg file and find two other files. I only received one, labled 10_4_10_5_10_6__10_7 and am missing a file called CrossPack AVR according to the instructions. Question do I need this missing fiLe. My version of Mac is 10.9.2. If I NEED IT WHERE DO i GETI IT.

You don’t need cross pack anymore, I’ll update the Install Instructions.

You should also be running version 2.0.9


Thanks for answering this, Bill, as I just encountered the same question. The directions found on the website (at this link … l_Packages) still instruct to install the Crosspack AVR package.

I checked and the APM Planner version for Mac I downloaded today is v2.0.15.

Just wanted to find a way to give you a heads up that more users maybe encountering this inconsistency with the directions still due to that link I provided.


Thanks, I fixed the instructions :slight_smile: