Download DF log error : no last page of log8xx at top...)

My quad 250 is running Revo and among different download errors, this is the first time I see such error message. See attached 2 screen shots, plus my log parameter setting.!
Error message__download DF logs|690x387!
Error messgae__Message tab|690x387 !
Log param|690x387

Other than this error, I have not been able to download the Log Analyzer for quite a while, and I could not get any help from the forum.

Appreciate any help.

We have a rather large number of bugfixes in a PR from @andyp1per here:

If you’re in a position to help test that branch, it would be appreciated.

I have benefited from the forum so far, and I would like to help. However I do not have any background in coding and I don’t know how I can help.


I can do you a build of master if you would like to test. Which exact flight controller do you have?

I have Revo full size on quad and planes. What is build of master ?

master is the the latest development commit, i.e. it is not a stable version like 4.0.3 for instance

I only see revo-mini in the build options. What firmware do you generally download?

Revo mini and revo full size use the same firmware. I never have any Revo mini board.

For my full size Revo, I also download the Revo mini fw, usually copter and plane. The Revo mini fw works with Revo full size.

I am also experimenting on Copter-heli with Revo.

Here is a build of master with these fixes in for copter. You will need to unzip before trying to load on your FC: (580.9 KB)
Since this is alpha software I only recommend using this to verify that the fixes solve your problem, although I fly with master all the time without issue.

I have been wondering the kind of help which I can offer, without any coding or programming knowledge.

Now I know it is to test fly the copter with a firmware under testing. The copter I have is experiencing toilet bowl effect

and from time to time, it tilts to one side after landing. Is this an ideal vehicle to test new firmware ?