Downlad MissionPlanner "Forbidden", why?

When I start the download of MissionPlanner from the link hier:
I get the Message:
You don’t have permission to access /Tools/MissionPlanner/MissionPlanner-latest.msi on this server.
The same message with the download from this site:;O=D

I tested it with 3 different PC’s on Windows 7 64 Bit Professional
Does somebody know why?

fixed. permissions on the file

Hi Michael, thank you.
By the way: You did a Great job with this Program and the endurance to improve it continuous.
It runs well on a 10.1" Win10 tablet in the feeld.
Kind regards, Otto

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Hi Michael,

Just loaded MP and Compass onbord calibration executed.

There is twice the error message

Attached the .tlog file of this procedure.

After the error message the MP stopped (crashed) and the screen became gray.

If it works, great GUI

Kind regards

2016-08-12 15-04-35.tlog (352 KB)

what autopilot version where you running? ie plane/copter/ etc

Hi Michael,

Autopilot for Copter AC 3.4-rc2, Hexa X, MP

Windows 7, Professional, 64 Bit

Kind regards

Hello Michael,

“Micro” issue with 1.3.41 (perhaps also older versions)

In Flight Data/ Status the Aux Outs (ch9out etc) are displayed, but
remains at Zero when configured e.g. as Pass Thru.
The same in the Tuning Graph.

But the Outputs on Pixhawk are working.
In the Dataflash Logs they are also moving.

It’s thought as feedback, not as criticism.

Kind regards