Downgrade from arducopter v3.2.1 to v3.2

Hi all,

Can anybody be kind to me and provide a link to the latest stable arducopter v3.2. I need to downgrade from v3.2.1 because of the altitude drifting problem reported earlier on this forum and costed me an expensive crash to my QAV.

I tried a version from August 2014 but had the same drifting problem.


Try here

Thanks, TCIII GM :slight_smile:

I already know this. My problem is which one really corresponds to 3.2 specifically?

No response :frowning: I have my pixhawk sitting idle now

Why not just use mission planner, and choose previous firmwares. AC3.2 is the 2nd one on the list :confused:

So yes I tried that multiple times and the link is broken. It just refuses to download anything. Were u successful?