Dont see Y6 framelayout in mission planner wizard

Im trying to upload Y6 firmware to my APM 2.6 but when I get to step 4 in the wizard it only has 4 options. X,+,spider and H witch one do I use for a Y6 Tricopter?

Select the quad image which means ‘X’ frame type.

Cool beans thks. I also having a prob with the ublox neo 6m gps. The connector has all red wires. Is it the rite cable? I already blew the 3.3v regulator by plugging it into the top gps slot. After getting regulator fixed now im afraid to try side slot cause dont want to pay another $30 to get fixed again.

I’m sorry the ublox neo 6m gps is not a 3DR product, so I don’t know if the cables you have are the right ones.


First post… :astonished:)

I have a Sky Hero Spy arriving tomorrow along with a Pixhawk so I’ve been swatting up as much as I can without actually having anything to ‘play’ with.

I’ll be running Y6 (hence tacking on here) but I’m a little confused about the motor configuration. This page shows one: … C_receiver

And this shows a different configuration: … directions

I’m sure it’ll become clear when I run Mission Planner but is the latter page correct, i.e. New Y6 Y6B?




The latest link is the correct one: … directions

The configuration to select will depend on the way the vehicle spins its motors, the current 3DR Y6 RTFs and kits are using the Y6B configuration but don’t know about the Sky Hero Spy