Dont have enough power to do autotune

Guys, hello again I have my own drone tuned, but I just realised that I have 2 minutes of flight time, but autotune is like 20 minutes on air. Does ArduCopter have a configuration to make it draw even less current and make that flight time less than like 1 min:smiley:

Do one axis at a time using AUTOTUNE_AXES
Also you should be able to switch batteries and continue if you keep the FC powered via USB

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I would like to request this feature :laughing:

For two minutes of flight time, one needs a beefy slingshot and a small parachute. Why bother with a multicopter !? :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what are you flying? I have an FPV Whoop that gets a lot more than two minutes on 300mAh 1S battery. Pictures are worth a thousand words…

Yeah ur right but it is some kind of a mission-racing drone type of thing so yeah.

By the way guys what are the ATC_ACCEL_P_MAX and ATC_ACCEL_R_MAX Values for 5 inch props

Could you please explain this solution a bit more

Set AUTOTUNE_AXES=1 and then autotune will only try and tune roll which will be significantly quicker. Do the same for other axes one at a time

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No no about the part that I will land the drone down and plug it in with the usb and when I re plug the battery it will fly and continue the autotune process

I’ve never done it before but it apparently works in theory.

BUT - if autotune is taking a long time it could easily be that you have too much noise in your system and need to configure the harmonic notch more carefully. It could also be that the weather is not calm enough and the copter is failing to get level.

I havent done the autotune process but I have watched some videos and they say that it’s minimum of 10 mins on average isnt it true

Mine tunes take about 2 minutes per axis.
And I use the AUTOTUNE_AXES parameter to just do one axis at a time.

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Could you please share your setup

I have a custom frame. So no way my parameters will help you.
But I did follow step by step, without skipping a single one! And I did tune the dynamic notch filter. That’s all.

I followed thru that instructions as well as I have stated before I haven’t tried the autotune process and the second thing is I didn’t understand Dynamic notch filter tuning at all could you please help me about it

Please do read the documentation, and ask specific questions.

Check it out here.

Roll and Pitch tune completes faster, Yaw is the longest among the three. Make sure the drone body CG is at the center, no wind condition, else many time your battery is wasted to bring the drone back to the place you want the UA to resume the “dance”.

If your drone is small, do an indoor auto tune, one axis by one axis. Also make sure this is completed first. Good luck.

My drone is really small but I’m really afraid of indoor tuning so I have to find a way to make sure my drone completes autotune