Donation issue --- stopped in saudi arabia


I was donating monthly amount via donation wiki . Now in my country saudi arabia , thre is a rule that credit card cannot be use for international “donation”. I just got confirmation from bank’s credit card authorization confirmation that anything under “donation” will be declined.

Any solution?. Any other way through which i can continue to contribute to this wonderful project.?. Pls. help.

First off, thank you for the donations! That keeps our servers (among other things) going.

Are you paying via PayPal? They offer direct bank transfers so that should help… right?

Hello MagicRuB: Thanks for your reply. I am not getting any option in PayPal to transfer money from my credit card to someone else’s bank account. I think it is not possible after reviewing this PayPal discussion.

I can see that an option to transfer money to another PayPal account (via email or name). see below snapshot…please , let me know if I can transfer via this to ardupilot?.