Dome Tinting

Hi All,

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything on the subject. I’m new to multirotors but have been building and flying traditional heli’s for a few years. I’m building my first multicopter using a Tarot 680 Pro frame and APM 2.6. My question concerns mounting the APM controller. I’ve read various posts concerning protecting the APM from blade wash. So I purchased a dome kit from RCTimer. The plastic dome in the kit is clear. Other posts I’ve read have mentioned protecting the APM from direct sunlight as it may also effect the barometer. Do you think I need to try and tint the clear dome to protect the APM from sunlight or am I over thinking this too much?



If you’re using APM, 2.6 in a case, or a Pixhawk, you don’t need to tint the dome. I have both of those mounted on a couple multi-rotors ‘naked’.

The problem is (generally speaking) the barometers need to be ‘covered’ in closed cell foam, and shielded from sunlight and direct prop wash. To the best of my knowledge, if you’re using an APM in a case that’s already done for you. At least if it’s a legit 3DR unit.