Doing Missions

Is it possible to perform missions with the Aero Plane after taking off in Manual? I was wondering because the propeller doesn’t respond in auto takeoff. Therefore, I want to start the mission in Manual and once the plane is in the air I’ll switch to auto and let the plane do it’s mission.

Yes you can.

You can change to AUTO mode during flight and the plane will start the mission.
You can go into AUTO mode on the ground and have the plane do an auto take off and the mission or throw the plane and it will auto take off and do the mission. Details are here:
Thanks, Grant.

this is a good topic…as hand launch is what I want to do. My plane has no wheels. I believe I can set the “AUTO” mode to a transmitter switch, too, correct? Where does one set the altitude to fly at? Also, my compass is not accurate. Does mission planner work off GPS mostly, and the compass is not an integral piece of this?