Dog tracking when mapping?

I’ve got a Pixhawk controlling a large Tarot 960 exlusively for mapping. Everything works perfect when flying survey grids except it dog tracks. I’ve notice with all three of my units running Pixhawk’s that the heading always seem off by about 20 degrees from the map in mission planner to it’s actual heading. In the air you can see it’s pointing about the same angle in flight, but it’s following it programmed flight path perfectly. In the DJI world you would simply rotate the compass. But the DJI would actually be flying 20 degrees off course and the pixhawk isn’t off course, just flying crooked lol. How do you fix this? It messes the images up a bit being skewed. BTW, all compasses are calibrated.

Fixed it. Got the data point up to 1700+ and it’s pretty strait now.