Does Tower support wifi telemetry?

Does Tower support wifi telemetry? I purchased two wifi telemetry radios after having so many failures of 3DR style 915 Mhz transmitters. I got them both to connect with a PC and Mission Planner but no luck with either on Tower with my Android phone. Thanks.


If you connect with UDP or TCP it should work fine. You would just need to plug in the Wifi SSID and password.

Thanks for the reply. I have two of them. One that says use UDP and one that says TCP. I spent a couple of hours trying. Connected both to mission planner on the PC with success. The best I could get was a connection with no data being passed on my android and Tower. I’ll keep trying. Anybody out there successful with WIFI telemetry and Tower?

I use wifi to connect to Tower on my LG G4 through UDP on three different quads using the Pixracer FC.