Does STANDBY mode still exist for plane?

I’m working on a project that will have an aircraft suspended in the air for a long time - to avoid any I-term windup i’ve been throwing it into manual mode while it waits for commands. Somebody told me to try STANDBY mode because I term might still be topping out in manual mode.

I tried STANDBY mode in dronekit but from what I can see it either doesn’t exist or it’s under a different name? Does it even exist for plane or is it just for copter?

Also, does I-Term windup happen in manual mode?

I’m not familiar with STANDBY mode in ArduPlane. Can’t help there.

In MANUAL mode the PID controller is not active. There should be no I-Term issues there. Also no stabilization or assistance from the flight controller.

In the image you can see my PID Roll values. I went from CRUISE mode to MANUAL and everything goes flat (and I assure you the airplane didn’t :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the info! I’m going to keep using manual mode then, hope the planes in one piece :slight_smile:

By “manual” he probably thought you meant “Acro” mode for a multirotor.

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