Does setting exp in controller affect PIDs

Hi,my plane have setting all things right.All the mode flights good except manual seems very hard to control the plane in manual mode,because I feel control stick very sensitively ,that is not the plane problem but is my i am going to set about 20% exp in my roll curve in the remote controller,my questions is does the pitch curve setting in remote controller affect my PID of the plane,or the FC can Automatically adapt to curve changes in remote controller?


The PID settings on the FC won’t be affected by your remote controller’s Expo or Rates settings.
To my knowledge there is no Expo setting in Arduplane for reducing the stick sensitivity.

If your remote controller allow it you could set different expo and rates per flight mode.
See for instance in OpenTX :

This way you could set your expo and rates for the manual flight mode, and leave no expo and full rate for the assisted flight modes to keep a normal sensitivity in these modes.

Thanks jean,I have set the curve with -30% exp in manual mode and let the other mode without any exp ,I haven’t flight yet and not sure the plane will chane ATT suddenly,and there’s another question why not setting all mode with the same exp?

Hi @xingxing, sorry I didn’t see your answer

On the manual flight mode the RC sticks controls directly the plane’s control surfaces.
The reactivity and sensitivity of the plane will depend on how much and how quickly these surfaces moves.
A common setting on normal RC planes is to use expo and rates in the Remote Control.

On the other flight modes the RC sticks are interpreted as a setpoints.
For instance, moving the roll stick will translate to how much the flight controller has to roll the aircraft.
The flight controller will compare the attitude of the aircraft with the order received, and will correct the difference by moving the control surfaces.
The reactivity and sensitivity of the plane will entirely depends on the flight controller’s settings.
Now if you use the same expo or rates settings than in manual flight mode, they will not have the same effect and proportion.

This is why I suggest to leave no expo or dual rate on the flight modes others than manual.

If you want to set the sensitivity of the assisted flight modes you can go through the tuning process :