Does rover take into account roll on proximity sensors?

I am looking to fit some proximity sensors to a boat and the thought occurs to me that when the boat rolls over it’s going to detect the surface of the water, so is there any way to compensate for that?

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would using a larger minimum distance work so it doesnt show up the water at very short ranges when the boat rolls.

If your using LiDAR it takes care of itself. There’s no return as the light is absorbed by water. Or that’s what I think should happen. When scanning aerial LiDAR, I get next to nothing lol.

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good to know thank you!

I’ve got a SF45/B I’ve been using a on a large copter that scans with a Phoenixlidar unit. Keeps me from hitting trees lol. I was going to try it on the boat. We’ll see how it goes.

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Looking forward to your results, im going to put a forward looking RADAR on it eventually, but I will probably put a TFmini plus LIDAR in front it for testing then move them to the left and right positions when the radar is installed.