Does PosHold map to angle and if so, absolute or relative angle?

I have a momentary-switch mixer setup to add 66% to pitch when pressed. My max angle is 45 deg, so this should cause the craft to pitch about 30 deg. In PosHold mode.

I was flying in light winds (7 mph) and observed that the desired pitch was not matching expectation. I was flying against the wind and with the wind, and saw the desired pitch go to 20 deg or 40 deg, but not 30 deg.

I have a large draggy attachment on the craft, and in order to poshold steadily in the wind the craft tilted what looked like 10 deg. So, my question is, does poshold control angle relative to gravity, or relative to position hold state??? how can i get it to control angle relative to gravity??

PosHold is defined to maintain location/heading/altitude when the sticks are centered. It should adjust its angle as needed to maintain position.

looks like the pitch / roll stick command is a delta on top of stable orientation, rather than mapped w.r.t gravity vector