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Does pixhawk update angles based off airspeed sensor?

Hello guys,

Does the pixhawk update the angles (that can be sent over to an arduino via mavlink) when it receives data from an airspeed sensor?

In other words, the angles should get messed up if you induce a high amount of dynamic acceleration, an airspeed sensor would be able to see this acceleration and send information about it to the pixhawks angle calculating algorithm and I would hope it uses it to update the angle output to what they truly are.


The flight controller of a ArduCopter firmware updates all the angles at 400Hz using a lot of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, barometer, air speed, lidar, etc.
It uses multiple EKFs to fuse all that data.

So the answer to your question is yes, it uses all available data.

This is very good news/information, thanks again amilcarlucas!

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