Does not show in Google Play store

If I do a search from an older 2010 Motorola Droid phone and Droidplanner doesn’t show up in the results does that mean it’s not compatible with the phone?


It doesn’t matter if it not compatible to show it, try with your PC :wink: ; I just try and it’s shows me in pc and phone.
Try with this in your pc … oidplanner

Of course it shows on my PC but that doesn’t help me. I need it on a droid phone.

if you have a google play account (not sure if you even need a google account.) you can have the app downloaded to your phone from the PC

The problem is the phone is a Motorola Droid and it’s old and I don’t believe the software is compatible with it. That’s why it’s not showing up.

Find someone that can see it to get the apk and have them send it to you via bluetooth.

Also check if your phone is OTG compatible and that the Power Savings mode is OFF.

If an app doesn’t show in Play, it’s not compatible with that device! You will also not be able to install it via the PC.

What you suggest is unsafe as it requires enabling software installation from other sources than Play and additionally, installing an incompatible app can crash the phone at best, damage it at worst.
In the interest of safety, we do not endorse such advice here! Please refrain from giving any advice which can compromise the user’s security!

Just get the apk from github, the original source. Its most updated there.
And no, no kind of “incompatible” apk will crash your phone, Android is based on linux not windows, an app does not replace system files or install device drivers at will

Don’t make claims you cannot back up! I have had more than once my tablet crashing, i.e. freezing or force-rebooting after installing apks which were marked as incompatible.
Besides there is still the issue of having to enable “Install software from unsafe sources”, which is a major security risk, given the amount of Android malware in the wild. Especially for a newbie.

[color=#BF0000]Besides, I don’t see the need to discuss this. I told that we do not endorse advice for unsafe actions here. That’s forum policy. End of story.[/color]