Does motor order matter - CCW - CW - CCW - CW vs CW - CCW - CW - CCW


All the diagrams I see (e.g. show motors 1 and 2 being CCW and motors 3 and 4 being CW

I have motors with self locking nuts but have managed to get them the wrong way round and its going to be tricky to swap them.

Does it matter if motors 1 and 2 are the CW and 3 and 4 are CCW? I cant see how it would make a difference as long as they are alternating since the FC just increases, decreases power, and the rotational force still cancels out or have I missed something?


I hope you have to choose H frame if you want to use inverse, please read the documentation to be shure.

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Well when you go to Yaw the copter it will yaw the wrong direction. Yaw commands from the flight controller to maintain a yaw will be confused and could cause a crash.


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