Does Mission Planner Support Pixhawk4?

I can’t seem to get my Pixhawk 4 to go through the INITIAL SETUP phase.

I need more information.

I also have problem with load firmware on Pixhawk4. I got the error “No firmware available for this board”
I try to load ver 3.6.0-rc12

try uploading a beta firmware


As you know, we did load the Beta Software, but unfortunately I cannot do the initial setup like calibration etc.

Unless if you know of a newer version?


im not sure on this one. what is the error.

This what I got when I try to load copter 3.6.0-rc12 ( Beta firmware ) into Pixhawk4

Mission Planer version 1.3.59

did you click beta first?

could you please send me a copy of you log file
“C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner\MissionPlanner.log”

I don’t mind waiting for the Pixhawk 4 to get sorted out.

In the meantime is there another affordable board that does work?

I found the issue.
was a case issue on the firmware url.

the latest beta fix’s this

Still says - “No firmware available for this board”

what is the build version on your MP? ive pushed a few beta’s today

I thought you meant Beta Firmware for the Rover.

Updating MP now …

Build version build 1.3.6875.7392

Still won’t let me upload firmware

please try updating beta again
it should be 1.3.6875.15369

Still the same unfortunately …

make sure you use the beta version

I am Michael …