Does mission planner or qgroundcontrol have some sort of bms?

I have a 4S lipo and dont want the battery voltage to drop to lower than 14.91V (20%) Does the software have some sort of function that shows 0% and turns off pixhawk when battery is actually at 20%, or do I need to buy some hardware for this?

This isn’t a task mission planner or qgc are responsible, the pixhawk itself will manage the battery. You can set a low and critically low failsafe, i.e the vehicle changes to RTL when the battery is low, and lands wherever it is when critically low. These can be programmed by the ground control station, but are executed by the hardware.


Rotoye BatMon BMS support is nicely integrated in Ardupilot

Documentation and other BMS are:

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@amilcarlucas You cant actually buy them on their own, they want you to post your batteries to them to get it fitted for something like $200 per battery.

I have bought a couple of them without batteries. Speak with Eohan and ask about it

they should put them on their site, behaviour like that is just red flags for me. also its not a BMS its just a battery cell monitor. it cant balance or disconnect the battery if it goes out of limits, it will run it to death just like a power module.