Does Mission planner is support DJI Matrices 100?

I am having DJI Matrices 100 Quadcopter. I connected the DJI Matrices 100 Quadcopter to Mission planner (version 1.3.586) through UDP connection.
But after I connected to Mission Planner, there is a pop-up windows shows that “Getting Params” mode. The pop-up windows is always shows up without any progress forever.
Looks Like it cannot be able to retrieve the parameters. Only option I have is to cancel this pop-up window. After cancel the “Getting Params” pop-up windows, the Mission Planner “Heads-up Display (HUD)” does not display any values in the UI?
If I run the Simulation, still the HUB does not display any values.

Does Mission planner is support DJI Matrices 100 ?

No, it does not support it.

Actually if you remove the ill fated N3 controller and replace it with an proper Flight Controller (such as Cube) then it will be supported by Mission Planner :smiley: