Does "Flight Review" online tool work with Ardupilot logs?

A bit unsure where to post this since the Log Analysis specific section on the forum is deprecated. Sorry if this is not in the right location, first time posting on the forum.

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if Ardupilot logs can be uploaded and processed correctly with the “Flight Review” tool found here? I know that Mission Planner has built in analysis tools, but I teach at a university and not all the students have Windows, so we end up using QGroundControl in class since it will run on Macs.


I think that site is PX4 specific. There are many other ones that support ArduPilot.

I like the following personally:

Really fast loading and it shows all parameters as well. is also a very good option.

@manavgandhi17 @amilcarlucas Both of those sites were unknown to me, but look great. Thank you!