Does CX-20 require any mod to control it with APM Planner?

I am also considering to get a CX-20, which claims to have a FC based on APM. However if I want to control the CX-20 with the APM Planner ground software to do GPS waypoints, then do I need modifications on the CX-20, such as installing extra telemetry modules?

Also, if it is possible to control the X380 by the APM Planner, then what mods do I need to make? And do I also need to retro-fit a telemetry module?

I have no idea. It should work with the version of ArduCopter onboard. Post here if it does’t.

The process to do it is outlined here:

It’s a bit of a hack to get access to the telemetry port, but can be done.
Careful with the screws as they are very soft.