Does cc3d revolution use revo_mini firmware?

As the title states “Does cc3d revolution use revo_mini firmware?” I cannot find anything that says it is specifically for the full-fat revolution board or not. Also, I cannot find a legacy version for the full size revolution.

Context: I just got my cc3d revolution F3 board back from my buddy that was able to flash the appropriate librepilot firmware back onto the board, based on his working one, and I don’t want to break/brick it again. I plan to use it on a 2WD 1/10th scale rc car rover, initially. So any barometer issues will be reduced (though i think mine has a baro.)

Side question(s): I’m getting confused by the documentation. What features won’t I be able to use? specifically, which ones might be important to a super-newbie? Do any of them make it impossible to use the FC as any specific vehicle type?

Long-term, I’d like to be able to load a glider into my high-power rocket, launch to an obscene altitude, deploy glider, and descend with control or using my F4 or F7 flight controllers to RTH. I think I would like to set up an antenna tracker using the revolution F3, but I need to learn the basics before I go any further. “Big dreams, small steps.”

Edit: added legacy statement

I suppose you have see this Wiki entry? Both covered on the same page.

hmmm… yes, thank you. I’ve already read this page and the librepilot wiki page. I’m still confused…

Load the only firmware target available for those FC’s and try it out.

I have bricked my board again… eh, such is life.

Also I’ve discovered that there is a third option, cc3d =/= revolution.

there is no support for the (original) cc3d anywhere [Betaflight, librepilot, INAV, Ardupilot, ect…] anymore, it is too old slow and “small brained.”