Does ArduPilot support Adafruit stm405?

Is it possible to load Copter onto this board?

It’s just a micro controller, there are no sensors or other integrated peripherals needed to actually use a FC.

Understood. I would like to use it as an experimental platform. I would add a barometer and optical flow sensor pack.

You need more than that. There is no IMU.

Sorry. I should have been more complete in my question.

I know that there is work to be done adding all peripherals required for flight. I haven’t attempted to build the code from scratch so I don’t know how easy or hard it is to replace particular components. I’d guessued that because the sensors use standard interfaces like I2C etc it is modular enough to function as a modifiable core.

I have only used the Feather with the Arduino IDE and was primarily asking how to load an image on a board like this.

Sure, it’s possible with enough effort, but if you’re looking at this as a low cost option, have a look at the F4 powered autopilots from Matek, Omnibus, SpeedyBee, and the like. Some of them are sold at about the same price point as that Feather board.

Thank you.

In addition to low cost, I want flexibility for uni students to use it as a platform for development of future capabilities and research. Perhaps it’s easier to use a companion computer for that. It would also be nice to have something like the rpi pico W using the RP2040 chip as an alternative to the STM family. I saw some discussion in '22 but don’t see any follow up.

At what level (and in what field) is this research happening? Your suggestions so far are barely adequate to support a mild foray into “future capabilities” for a junior high STEM class.

The limitations are exactly the point.

There is nothing there. A companion Computer and any supported Flight Controller sounds like the best plan.