Does ArduPilot have an audible Variometer function?

I was wondering whether it would be possible to have the computer beep or say something like “Ascending” and “Descending” based on the sensors already on the ArduPilot hardware.

Would be very useful for gliders. I know there is a special function for finding thermals, so I would imagine this to be a little easier to make?

Thank you for your responses!

Hi Jaroslav,

Mission Planner has such a function available. In my opinion a better option if you use FrSky Taranis is to set up Ardupilot FrSky telemetry output, and then vertical speed will be available in the Taranis and can be used for vario beeps.

Thank you! That is indeed a very nice feature!

I will however use only the Mission Planner function since I don’t have a FrSky Taranis yet.