does ardupilot based flight controller can be used as AHRS in real small light aircraft?

i wonder if ardupilot based flight controller (like say MATEKSYS H743-MINI)can be used as AHRS in real small light aircraft?
i Intend to extract the pitch&roll information from it and use it as a AHRS.
Does someone think it’s feasible ?
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ArduPilot is not suitable for manned aircraft. If it is just to have some logging is it fine but it shouldn’t be used to feed input to your plane or real navigation control, and that is probably illegal from a regulation point of view.

Hello and thanks for your reply !
i am just talking technicaly is it poosible? or there is some thecnical limits preventing that ?
I am well aware of the legal aspects …


Technically it is possible. You can get flight data from a flight controller (that is running Ardupilot) using MAVLink messages. Or you can store the flight data in logs (stored in an SD card attached to flight controller hardware). But as being said before, don’t use this software for controlling any manned vehicle.

Thanks Mustafa !
Actually i did exactly that …and guess what?
It does not work up in the air !! it works perfectly on the ground when i tilt the flight controller manually so i get exact pitch/roll information …
but in flight itself nothing !! just a few bizarre reading values…i have no idea why it’s happening i mean it suppose to be mounted on a flying platform isn’t it?