Does ArduPilot and this forum support running Mission Planner on Linux with mono?

I see very few of the numerous problems I’m having running Mission Planner on Ubuntu with mono. Does ArduPilot and this forum support running Mission Planner on Linux with mono?

There’s a near constant stream of users asking about this very topic. It is supported by the developer, but if you’d rather spend more time flying and less time troubleshooting, I recommend just using Windows.

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Now I’m really confused.

I thought ArduPilot was the developer.

Each component has its own developer or set of developers who, together, comprise the development team. I’m referring to the person, not the project. Mission Planner has one key developer who maintains the lion’s share of the GCS.

Ok. And who might that be and how do I contact them?

His name is Michael Oborne, as is prominently displayed in multiple places in the documentation as well as the app itself. You’re more likely to get a response by posting a specific question here than trying to make a personal plea to a very busy dude. He does participate here and may well respond to this post if you have something specific to discuss.

And therein lies the problem. I do see some of the issues I am facing posted by others with NO response or solution and have posted questions about other problems, also with no response from Mr. Osborne or the community.

Well we can’t help if you don’t ask…

I had some issues with Mono a while ago, talked to Michael, and he fixed it really fast.

So, do ask.

I have asked. Hence this post.

I have asked. Hence this post.

It seems you complained that other people aren’t asking the questions you want answered. Then that some questions go unanswered. We answered the only questions you asked…

I wasn’t complaining. I’m looking for help.

  • None of my questions have been answered.
  • Some of my issues have been asked by others and those are unresolved (some are years old and still unresolved).
  • Posting duplicate questions results in a rash of crap like this.

Good bye Mission Planner. Hello QGroundControl.

Post references to the unanswered questions then.

It appears you asked one question less than a day ago, and now this rant of sorts…