Does Arducopter has something like lowpass filter?

Just a thought, I can see people have great result with Multiwii mounting directly on the uav with nylon bolts after enabling LP filter. Mounting a PX4 or pixhawk on heli is very painful if we must do some damping. Any possibility to have such easy life with Arducopter?

Actually, we are doing a lowpass filter now on the IMU data. I have not tried hard mounting the board, but my 450 has minimal damping and seems to fly fine even when it’s vibrating bad. Used to be unflyable like this before the LPF, now it’s fine.

I just haven’t really had a chance to try hard mounting it, and I worked so hard to gain my vibration damping skills! :laughing:

I guess these vibrations must be less than half the sample rate of arducopter?

if not, software low pass filtering will still have issues with aliasing.