Does APM:Plane 2.76 support sonar?

Hey all,

I was wondering if the APM:Plane 2.76 supports using the sonar in landing flare!

If yes, how to set it up?


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We don’t support sonar for landing yet, although we are working on it. If it works OK it will be in a future release. See this discussion on drones-discuss.

Thanks Tridge. I actually managed to migrate the sonar code that is in the ArduCopter code to the ArduPlane code, and it worked. However, I have not used it in real flights. I will use it and let you know, if it goes well or not.


@mzahana - Have you test flown with sonar in hardware yet? Would love to hear how it went for you.

the 2.77 release has support for logging sonar data, but not for using it for landing yet.
You can see some of my sonar test results here.
Cheers, Tridge