Does APM 2.6 Support Dead Cat config?

Does APM 2.6 support the dead cat config? Was thinking of putting it on my 450. IF so is it a selection in the firmware or some other method?


Is the TBS Discovery close enough to the dead cat layout?
If so then I just use the V style quad option on mission planner and the default settings worked but did benefit from an autotune afterwards.

Its not really close to the TBS discovery, because the TBS still has the center of gravity in the center of the frame, the Deadcat does not. If you use a Deadcat frame, you have to place the flightcontroller way back on the frame, as on the TBS if you use the mounts on the frame you will be approximately in COG.

I only tried the Deadcat with a MultiWii FC, and it was unflyable, it pitched foward no matter what i did because the rear motors provide more thrust than the front ones at the same RPM. I am not using the frame, but if you are good at math and can calculate angles for the deadcat, and ypu place the battery way off the back, it can probably fly good, I’ve seen videos of people that have made it work, often with the KK FC.

The TBS has comensated for the thrust on the rear motors by extending the frame backwards for weight distribution, so this can fly well.

But hey this is only me thinking out loud, the APM might compensate automatically with an Autotune.

The picture you’ve posted shows the centre of thrust, the COG is further up, in the centre of the long slot just above the red X.

That being said, as far as I’m aware you don’t have to mount the FC on the COG. I know my Pixhawk is well forward of the COG on my Discovery and it still flies very nicely as long as it is actually balanced and the accelerometer is calibrated with the FRAME, not the flight controller, perfectly level.

I would seem to me that no matter where the apm is located or where your center of gravity is located(as long as it is oriented properly), the apm would be able to keep the copter level through the utilization of the accelerometer/gyro etc… It would apply additional rpm to any motor to bring the copter level and then maintain that. I thought that was one of the major functions of a flight controller, to keep the copter stabilized.