Does anyone know who made this quadcopter?

Recently I got back into flying quads and I purchased this one a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking all over the place to find out who made this quadcopter, it came with a 3dr pixhawk for a controller, 700kv motors, 20a 3drobotics esc’s, as well as a odroid-xu4 with 64gb emmc for storage which is connected to the pixhawk. The odroid wouldn’t even bootup until I reloaded a version of ubuntu linux. I know it can control the pixhawk for things like vision processing. The question is who made this and is there any documentation available for it.

I removed the odroid as well as the other hardware I didn’t need and I did a basic flight today, it’s a tank, and with a 5000mah 4s battery gets about 7 minutes of normal flying. I would guess that with all that extra hardware hooked up to it it would probably get less than 5 minutes.

Does anyone know who made this?