Does anyone have Ideas for projects/redesigns with the use of ardupilot?

Hello Ardupilot community.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of redesigns or projects in mind that you could do with Ardupilot. An example could be like a Full RC car circuit board just like those copter circuit boards. Any ideas are welcome just want to look at options for things that I can make/design. The projects can big or small anything is better then nothing. Thank you for all your time.

From Oscar

What is your skill set? PCB design?

I don’t really have skills. I am trying to figure out a small and maybe also a big project for my design and technology assessments. The small one being needed after june and the big one being started next year for the whole year. I was just wondering if anyone had ideas on what I could make for those assessment tasks.

These things can include anything it does not really matter wether it be a certain vehicle of maybe some sort of vision project.

If it involves something I need to learn remember I have about a year until I need to actually get started on the project itself.

An example being PCB design if it involves that I will happily learn how to do PCB design. Maybe some sort of software it does not matter maybe it involves openCV or maybe even ROS. I am open to learn anything to complete the project. I just need ideas so I can get started on the learning process of things.

Learn PCB design and get into ardupilot’s code. Those are the best starting places.