Does anybody help me read flight log when my copter takes off and goes up 3000 meters directly?

I was flying pixhawk1 flight control version copter 3.4, after takeoff the vibration is relatively large, and then the direct altitude has been rising until 3000 meters high, because the voltage is too low to fall. Whether I cut RTL or land is of no help. Can anyone help me with the analysis? Thank you for downloading the log here.
Log download![20190320233012|690x254]

Update the firmware.
Reset your parameters to default.
Test fly in Stabilise.
Do an autotune.

You haven’t mentioned what size props you are using.
Read the Autotune Wiki pages for the settings you need to alter for larger props if required.
Limiting the power used by the motors is the wrong way to tame a powerful build.
Add weight.
Have a look at your ATT/Desired against actual.

Looks like a custom firmware build. Without knowing what was changed it is impossible to tell what happened.
Upgrade to 3.6.x and try again.