Documentation for "CAND" parameter in dataflash log

Looking up the parameters available for graphing in Mission Planner, I found that “CAND” is not documented in the LOGS section of the docs.

Does anyone know what data is contained in the CAND fields?

Thanks Mustafa -

Interesting - maybe there ought to be a note in the docs to indicate where to find info on messages outside the scope of the section on dataflash parameter values.

I’ve found another one not in the docs: COFS

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Feel free to raise an issue on github when you see something like that.

Thanks - a couple of questions:

  1. What exactly are you referring to - that I might raise such an issue on github? The fact that the parameter wasn’t in the docs? Something else?

  2. I have a github account - but I know even less about how to use it that I do about ArduCopter. I’m guessing I’m not alone. I’ve never come across any instructions on how a “layman” such as myself might make such an entry.

Maybe I should post a question here about how to do so - so then the answer will be in searchable here for future interested persons.

By the way - it makes perfect sense that COFS pertains to the in-flight compass calibration - it appears on the two logs from when I attempted in-flight calibration. (COMPASS_LEARN=3)

Looking at the data - it’s helpful to see how the offsets are determined.

Very helpful - thank you.

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I was referring to the issue about missing log documentation.
No worries, I’ll do it.